Credit Couseling

Meredian offers free credit counseling or debt counseling services. Our certified credit counselors will go over your finances, income, expenses, and conduct a free debt analysis.​

Interest Rate Reduction

Have good credit? We'll make sure to get you the lowest credit card interest rate possible. Rates can be up to 99% lower and as low as zero percent.

Debt Management

Debt management plan, also referred to as a DMP is a debt relief program that is customized to fit your needs with the help of a credit counselor.

Mission & Strategy

Meredian is committed to offering the best debt management PROGRAMS available. We have achieved and follow the international standard of business practice of ISO 9001 2015 standards. Meredian has met the highest quality standards and we are committed to helping you get your finances back on track with one of our many financial relief products. We sincerely understand the emotional burden that debt can place on a person and what it means to be debt free!


You will maintain the great credit score you have earned or rebuild the credit you deserve. You will also keep your relationship with your creditors in good standing by joining the Meredian program. Meredian has helped over 3 million customers throughout the United States pay off their debt.

Customer Service Hotline to answer your questions: 1-800-938-0092
Questions about benefits or how our program works: 1-800-985-7819

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