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Interest Rate Reduction

Interest rate reduction without negatively impacting your current payment or credit history

Reduce Interest rates

Reduce your Interest rates, meaning you will pay less each month, enabling you to Pay off your credit card debt much faster

Pay off credit card debt

Pay off your credit card debt much faster & Improve your money management skills

Are you spending too much and out of control of your financial future?


Financial difficulties hit hard about everyone at one time or another. The problem is when they catch you, how will you respond? By communicating with a goal, trained credit counselors are taking back the direction of your financial future.


We work for you to provide these benefits:

With Meredian’s debt management program, you can save money and get out of debt soon.

A debt management program will not negatively affect your credit score, in fact, it will most likely improve your score over time because of the consistent payment history you will build and by the fact of your balances being reduced.

you are not alone we can help

We know the anxiety related to crushing credit card debt. At Meridian, we work for you! We pride ourselves in setting the client first, and we want you to realize that we are here to assist you every step of the way.

Peace of mind is eminent, so you can be guaranteed that you have partnered with a company you can trust to give you excellent support and results!


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