A debt management plan is debt relief program that is customized to get the client debt free in 3-5 years.  A DMP will lower your interest rate, consolidate your credit card and unsecure debt into one low monthly payment. See if you qualify for a DMP by calling one of our certified credit counselors to see if you qualify.  Call 888-533-3016 and get a free debt analysis today.

Your creditors will be notified of your enrollment into a Debt Management Plan, and your accounts will be locked into a lower interest rate while remaining in the program.  If you decide to cancel your plan, your reduced interest rates and perks will be lost, and your higher rates will be reestablished.  Once all of you accounts are verified, you will only need to make a single payment to CAPC, and we will distribute your payment to your various creditors in a fashion to get your highest interest rate debt paid off first.

A credit counselor will go over your income, debt, and expenses.  If you do not have access to your debt information, our counselors, with your permission, can do a “soft pull” on your credit report.  This has NO impact on your credit score, rather it gives the most updated information on your current debt.

A free debt analysis will only take 5-10 minutes to determine if you qualify for a DMP. For a customized budget and debt advice, you can expect your free credit counseling session to last anywhere from 30-40 minutes.

Credit counseling services are free of charge.  If you decide to enroll in a debt management plan, a small service charge that is regulated by law will be applied to your DMP, and will be included in your custom quote.

Call one of our credit counselors at 800-938-0092.  

A DMP should not affect your credit.  Since your accounts will be paid on time and at a lower interest rate, your credit score should see some improvements. A DMP can actually help your credit rather than hurt it like a debt settlement.

Eligible debt for a DMP is unsecure debt.  Unsecure debt is debt that is not covered by an asset, unsecure debt includes:

Credit Cards

Department Store Cards

Medical Bills

Personal Loans

Collections Accounts

Secure debt is not included in a DMP such as:


Car Loan

Student Loans

IRS Debt

Payday Loans

No, you will not be required to enroll all of your debt. We recommend leaving at least one account open in case of emergencies.

Yes! Under a debt management plan, all your debt will be consolidated into one low monthly payment without the use of a loan.  CAPC is not a loan company. Our credit counselor distributes your single payment among your various creditors.

To see if you qualify, call a certified credit counselor at 800-938-0092.  This is a free service, we are here to help.

You can not use your credit cards that enrolled in the program.  Making further purchases can run the risk of getting losing the benefits of a DMP.

No need to talk to your creditors, our credit counselors will notify your creditors about enrolling in a DMP.

Every DMP is customized to fit your needs.  Based on your credit debt, and the amount you can pay each month, the average time to get debt free is 3-5 years.

Each month you will receive an email reminding you to login to your account and check the status of your program.

You are welcome to make increased payments, just notify our customer service department, and they can set up your increased payment.

Yes, call our customer service department and they can help you change your draft date.


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