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The Meredian Service

Meredian is committed to offering the best debt management program available. We have met the highest quality standards and are committed to helping you get your finances back on track through counseling and education. We understand the emotional burden that debt can place on a person. Please contact us so that together, we can find a better way out of debt.

What we do

At Meredian, we are devoted to your cause and offer the best debt management program available. Striving to maintain the highest quality standards, we help families get back on track through counseling and education. Working together, we find a better way out of debt, and a healthy way back to financial freedom. We work with most major creditors and are able to gain, on your behalf, a reduction in your interest rates and consolidate all of your creditor's payments into one monthly payment from you, saving you from the worry of late or missing payments.With monthly reports and continuous contact, we celebrate with our clients while they watch their debt melt away!

The Meredian Difference

    We work for you to provide these benefits:

  • Interest rate reduction without negatively impacting your current payment or credit history
  • Reduce your Interest rates, meaning you will pay less each month, enabling you to..
  • Pay off your credit card debt much faster
  • One monthly payment, with a payment date to match your schedule
  • Improve your money management skills
  • Customer Service Hotline to answer your questions
With Meredian's debt management program, you can save money and get out of debt sooner

Why are creditors willing to work with a Credit Counseling company? Because it's proven that for those in debt and in need of debt management services, those who enter a program are much more likely to pay on time and in full. This is better for the consumer and for the creditor, and in the big picture, it is better for our American economy.

We understand the stress related to overwhelming credit card debt. At Meredian we work for you! We pride ourselves in putting the client "first" and we want you to understand that we are here to help you every step of the way. Peace of mind is paramount so you can rest assured that you have partnered with a company that you can trust to provide you with excellent service and results!

At Meredian, we can give you a free evaluation over the telephone or online, to find a unique and personal solution to your debt problem.

  • Consolidate your credit card bills into one monthly payment
  • Stabilize your household by building a sensible budget and financial plan you can follow
  • Stop those annoying collection calls
  • Lower your interest rates
  • No longer pay late fees or over-limit charges
  • And best of all-PAY OFF YOUR DEBT FASTER

A debt management program will not negatively affect your credit score, in fact, it will most likely improve your score over time because of the consistent payment history you will build and by the fact of your balances being reduced. Call 800-938-0092 to get started today or enroll online here ( Meredian Online Application )

Clear Benefits Honest Advice :

  • Reduce your debts, payments and interest rates.
  • A personalized solution
  • One low monthly payment
  • Access to Certified Credit Counselors
  • Resources, education, tips & tools